July 16, 2021

Rent a Bike and Cycle Your Way Through Istria

The beautiful coastline with amazing beaches and crystal-clear water should be enough to attract anyone to come take a look and enjoy all the wonders of Istria, such as the National Park Brijuni or the roman amphitheater in Pula.

The best kind of active vacation

Cycling is a great choice for discovering Istria and its beauties in an active way. Rent a bike and all the natural landmarks of our unique region are going to be within your reach. Istria has 1800 km of marked bike trails, and about the same length of unmarked bike trails. This means you have roughly 3600 km to find great cycling opportunities for you. You can arrange easy family tours to engaged rides for skilled mountain or road cyclists. According to the region you want to explore, the difficulty or the type of trail, choose the ideal route for your excursion.

A variety of specialized cyclist-friendly accommodation is available like camps, private accommodation, villas, boutique or big hotels, featuring facilities like bike storage rooms, bike washing, tools and bike repair, laundry, info points, and maps.

Istria generally is a destination for cyclists of all profiles, regardless of skill. Almost every location offers rentals with bike routes nearby. Landscape and heritage abundant trails are calling you for adventurous exploration. Cycling in Istria is a somewhat different holiday, a holiday full of tradition, sightseeing, and astonishing landscapes everywhere you go. Picturesque towns and fresh air will surely heal and energize you, turning your recreational ride into a complete cycling experience. There is no better place to start your active holiday than magical Istria.

The biggest advantage of Istria is that in one day you can cycle by the sea and then get lost inland and enjoy the unspoiled nature. You can also visit one of the small towns, take a break at one of the local wineries, taste top quality wines, and dine in one of the many taverns while getting acquainted with top Istrian specialties.

Go off the beaten path and explore

Given the type of cycling you are looking for, you can explore hilly and flat routes, as well as uphill and downhill routes. You can opt for quick or long rides and check out top rated routes.

Recently the city of Pula has extended the overall tourist offer with the E-Bikes. These are great for sightseeing and taking shorter trips around the city. If you are in for a longer adventure, try out one of the various bike renters available.

This destination is ideal for two-wheeling, whether you are more inclined to the road or hilly terrain. Driving along the coast is something that the whole family will enjoy, while more ambitious amateurs and professionals alike will venture into the hilly areas. Numerous cycle paths will introduce you to the stunning surroundings.

If you find yourself in the beautiful wildlife oasis of Brijuni National Park, make sure to grab one of the 300 bikes available for rental and awake the explorer in yourself. Ride your bike and enjoy the extraordinary biodiversity, stunning archaeological sites and ancient dinosaur tracks. Brijuni are truly a unique combination of natural, cultural, historical and geopaleontological heritage.

Try to find the undiscovered beaches while filling your lungs with fresh Mediterranean air. As you stop for a break and a sip of water, or a lick of ice-cream, you may observe groups of axis deer, fallow deer and mouflon on the meadows and hills of the island along the way, as well as llamas, zebras, cows, ostriches, sheep, donkeys, and goats. You may also come across Istrian cattle – boškarin.

Spend the day on wheels and see for yourself that it really is the best way to explore the breathtaking beauties of the Istrian peninsula. Whether you choose to pedal by the seaside or through the woods, you will surely fall in love with all the wonders of Istria.